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Why do you need a Home Network?

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1. To Share an Internet connection

Does your family fight over time on the one Internet-enabled computer? A wireless network will bring harmony into your home--everyone can be connected at the same time, anywhere in the house, and you won't have to contend with any inconvenient or unsightly wiring.

2. To Share files and folders

You have three PCs in the house. Now, instead of passing around CDs, flash drives, and floppies, everyone can access the same photo and music files over the network. You can even set up permissions to keep prying eyes out of sensitive financial and legal information.

3. Stream music to your stereo

Doesn't it seem like a waste to have all those MP3 files on your hard drive but to be able to listen to them only through your desktop's tinny speakers? With just a few components, you can wirelessly stream all that music to your stereo and hear your favorite tunes through real speakers.

4. Stream videos to your TV’s, Tablets or PC’s

Turn your home (office or lodge) into a Wi-Fi Hotspot. Every one online, all the time. Connect multiple devices and let everyone get online 24/7. Stream your videos or photo albums to your TV or to your tablet.

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